About Us

At Sun Theory we firmly believe in quality and reducing waste. We take old, used containers and repurpose them into scented candles. We believe that by conserving existing resources we reduce the need to harvest new materials to meet our society’s demands and reduce the amount of “trash” we bury in the earth just to dispose of it. You can find a variety of unique candles from teacups and mugs to jars and ceramics - all handmade or thrifted. 

All of our candles are made with all natural soy wax and thoughtfully sourced oils.
Our soy wax 100% natural and renewable that’s grown and produced in the U.S. Soy candles burn a lot slower than paraffin wax and don’t emit harmful gases like paraffin candles do and are carbon neutral.



Sun Theory Co was created by Megan Althoff in February of 2018 in Richmond, Virginia. Megan was a Small Business/Entrepreneurship major at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, and has always been passionate about small business. As a lifetime crafter, Megan always new that one day she would combine her passions and create a business of her own. Less than a year after graduating college, she did just that.